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Program & Speakers


1. Julien HenriLumeau | Institut Fresnel

         Application of phase change materials for color control inthin-film multilayers

2. FedorGrigoriev | Lomonosov Moscow State University

         Computer simulation of thin films structural andmechanical properties in modern deposition processes

3. Boxun Wu | OptorunCo., Ltd.

        Application of High-Accuracy Theoretical Calculations inPhysical Vapor Deposition Technology for Coating Large-Area 3D Substrates

4. Kuan Liu | Dalian University of Technology

         Wideband mid-infrared thermal emitter based on stackednanocavity metasurfaces


5. Douguo Zhang| University of Science and Technology of China

         Label-free microscopy based on the manipulation of opticalfiled with thin films


6. Wenjie Chen |Sun Yat-sen University

         Topological nodal rings of thin-film photonic crystals inthe visible region


7. Tao He | TongjiUniversity

      High-efficiency quasi–three-dimensional subwavelength structuredevices


8. Marco Jupé | LaserZentrum Hannover

          Novel aspects in thin film technology


9. Yiqin Ji | TianjinJinhang Institute of Technical Physics

         High-performance thin films on chalcogenide glass

10. Ruijin Hong| University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

         Tunable nonlinear optical properties of transparentconductive oxide thin films

11. GarrettDavid Cole | Thorlabs

         Ultralow-loss substrate-transferred GaAs/AlGaAscrystalline coatings for cavity ring-down spectroscopy at 4.5 μm


12. ChristianLutz Muehlig | Fraunhofer IOF

       Comprehensive characterization of low loss optical coatings andmaterials


13. Kalle Niiranen| Beneq

         Comparison of traditional batch ALD and novel spatial ALDfor optical coatings


14. Alexander V.Tikhonravov | Lomonosov Moscow State University

        Self-compensation oferrors in coating production with optical monitoring


15. MatthiasFalmbigl | Veeco Instruments Inc

        Optical monitoring systems for deposition ofoptical coatings


16. Chang Xiao |Bühler Leybold Optics Equipment

        Deposition Equipment for Laser Coatings onSmall and Large Substrates


17. Jiaqi Zhu | HarbinInstitute of Technology

         Conformal atomic layer deposition technique for infraredtransparent conductive films


18. Des Gibson |University of the West of Scotland

         Recent advances in plasma ion assisted deposition ofoptical thin films


19. Liu Zhen | ChangchunInstitute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS

         Development of Si cladding and high reflective filmcoating for large aperture RB-SiC mirror in CIOMP

20. Bincheng Li | University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

        Photothermal and laser calorimetric absorptancemeasurements of optical coatings: Technical considerations


21. MichelLequime | Institut Fresnel

        Scattering studies in connection with the development ofinterferometric gravitational wave detectors


22. Shaowei Wang| Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS

         Novel photonic devices based on Fabry-Perot cavity


23. YusiWang | Zhejiang University

        Hard antireflectioncoatings in the visible band


24. Weibo Duan |Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS

          Application and progress in infraredthin film coatings for space remote sensing


25. VitalyGruzdev | University of New Mexico

      Laser-interface interactions andlaser-induced damage of optical coatings

26. Yanzhi Wang| Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS

         Research on broadband high damage threshold ultrafastlaser coatings


27. Thomas Gischkat| Fraunhofer IOF

         Investigation of particle densities of ultrasonic cleanedsubstrates using laser damage testing methods


28. Yanrui Li | DalianInstitute of Chemical Physics, CAS

        Research on high-damageHfO2 thin films based on ALD


29. Juan IgnacioLarruquert Goicoechea | Instituto de Optica

        Coatings tuned at the desired far-ultraviolet wavelength


30. Igor VKozhevnikov | Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of Federal ScientificResearch Centre

        Design of wideband XUVmultilayer mirrors


31. ZheZhang | Tongji University

        XUV multilayer and multilayer based opticalsystem in IPOE


32. Zhaowen Lin| Zhongshan Institute of Changchun University of Science and Technology

          Research on high gradient UV filter


33. VolodymyrUrevic Pervak | Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich

        Dispersive mirror: Pastand future


34. Qiang Li | ZhejiangUniversity

        Optical films for controlling thermal emission


35. Zhenao Bai |Aerospace Information Research Institute, CAS

        Picosecond lasertechnology and its application in ultra long range measurement


36. Can Cui | HebeiUniversity of Technology

        Key problems onhigh-average-power Brilliouin combination laser technology


37. Hongli Wang| North University of China

          High-power pulse compression bystimulated Brillouin scattering using bulk fused silica


38. Yu Yu | HebeiUniversity of Technology

        High repetition rate largeenergy and short pulse Zig-zag slab laser amplifiers


39. QuanSheng | Tianjin University

        Recent progress on high-powermid-infrared fiber lasers


40. Zhenxu Bai |Hebei University of Technology

          High power multi-wavelength diamondRaman laser

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