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Welcome to the FOC-2023 conference !

The Frontiers of Optical Coatings (FOC) conference is a top-level conference about optical coatings held in Asia and one of the world's largest and highest-level academic conferences. The FOC conference series aims to promote research in scientific and industrial developments of optical coating and foster scientific exchange between researchers, practitioners, scientists, students, and engineers across the entirety of optical coating and its affiliated disciplines. FOC-2023 is the fifth FOC conference on optical coatings. Like previous FOC conferences, FOC-2023 will feature paper presentations, special tracks, invited speakers, workshops, tutorials (short courses), poster sessions, senior member presentations, and exhibit programs. The conference scope includes the following topics: 


Design of Coatings

  • Computer and analytical design techniques
  • Computational manufacturing
  • Design of coatings for polarization control
  • Multilayers and structured surfaces
  • Structured and waveguide coatings

Deposition Process Technologies

  • Process control, monitoring, and automation
  • Low and high energy deposition techniques
  • Industrial sputtered metal and dielectric coatings
  • Pulsed deposition methods
  • Novel deposition methods
  • Substrate cleaning, coating post-treatment techniques and contamination


Coatings and substrate materials

  • Novel materials (nonlinear, electrochromic, electroluminescent, metamaterial, etc.)
  • Organic coatings
  • Metal coatings
  • Transparent conductive coatings
  • Composite material coatings
  • Unusual coating and substrate materials, nanostuctures


Characterization and properties of coatings

  • Fundamentals and simulation of thin film growth
  • Simulation of microstructures and properties
  • Optical and diffractive properties
  • Scattering, absorption, and birefringence
  • Mechanical and tribological properties
  • Color and luminescence
  • Stress, adhesion, and cohesion
  • Thermal properties
  • Environmental stability
  • Laser induced damage
  • Optical and non-optical thin film characterization techniques
  • Postproduction characterization


  • Coatings for solar utilization, environmental control
  • Coatings for nanostructures and photonic crystals
  • Coatings for displays and lighting applications
  • Coatings for biological and medical applications
  • Coatings for astronomical, space, aerospace, and defence applications
  • Coatings for short wavelengths EUV, X ray
  • Coatings for near and far IR spectral regions
  • Coatings for polarization management
  • Coatings for security and decorative applications
  • Coatings for telecommunication components
  • Coatings for ophthalmology
  • Coatings for plastics and flexible substrates
  • Coatings for extreme light and lasers
  • Coatings for novel advanced applications


We are interested in any fundamental work that touches on these issues, but the list is intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive. Web submission is strongly encouraged, please read the submission guidelines on the website. The full-page papers submitted to the conference will be published as a special issue in Optical Engineering after the regular peer-review process.

For general inquiries about the FOC-2023 conference, please write to foc@tongji.edu.cn, foc2023conference@gmail.com.

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