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FOC 2012

The international conference “Frontiers of Optical Coatings 2012” was held in Hangzhou Grand Metropark Hotel during October 15th ~18th. This conference was organized by State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation (Zhejiang University) and the Chinese Optical Society, and co-organized by Tongji University, Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, and Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation.

The academic directors and research mainstay from almost all the optical thin film research institutions gathered in this conference, which included over 200 representatives (about 60 people abroad) from more than 10 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. There were many international authorities attended in this conference, such as Prof. Angus Macleod (Arizona University, U.S.), Dr. George Dobrowolski (NRCC, Canada), Prof. Norbert Kaiser (Fraunhofer IOF, Germany), Prof. Alexander Tikhonravov (Moscow State University, Russia ) , Mr. Ron Willey (Willey Optical , U.S.) and so on.





During the 3-day conference, there were 117 submitted papers, 24 invited talks, 62 oral talks and 31 posts. The topics related to design of coatings, optical coating materials, coating deposition techniques, characterization and monitoring, coating stress and mechanical properties, laser resistance coatings, coatings for ultrafast optics, soft X rays/EUV/DUV/VUV coatings, organic optical coatings and coatings on polymer, optical plasmonic thin film and metamaterials, active thin film coatings, structured thin films and devices, optical coatings for Green energy, new applications of optical coatings, which covered the entire study on optical thin film category. Dr. Dobrowolski from Canada gave a lecture of “Numerical methods for the design and manufacture of multilayer coatings” on October 14th before the conference.

This conference was aimed at gathering experts, scholars and engineers in the field of optical thin film, giving full play to the academia, engineering and industry advantages to build an optimal communication platform and create the opportunities for the great development of optical thin film in China, and crowned with complete success.

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