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Program & Speakers

1. Grigoriev Fedor | Lomonosov Moscow State University

Computer simulation of thin films structural and mechanical properties in modern deposition processes

2. Garrett David Cole | Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions

Ultralow-loss substrate-transferred GaAs/AlGaAs crystalline coatings for cavity ring-down spectroscopy at 4.5 μm

3. Michel Lequime | Institut Fresnel

Scattering studies in connection with the development of interferometric gravitational wave detectors

4. Julien Henri Lumeau | Institut Fresnel

Developments on the use of phase change materials for color control

5. Christian Lutz Mühlig | IOF

Comprehensive characterization of low loss optical coatings and materials

6. Juan Ignacio Larruquert | Instituto de Optica

Coatings tuned at the desired far-ultraviolet wavelength

7. Vitaly Gruzdev| University of New Mexico

Laser-interface interactions and laser-induced damage of optical coatings

8. Thomas Gischkat | IOF

Investigation of particle densities of ultrasonic cleaned substrates using laser damage testing methods

9. Sami Sneck | VP Advanced ALD

Comparison of Traditional Batch ALD and Novel Spatial ALD for Optical Coatings

10. Alexander Tikhonravov | Moscow State University

          Self-compensation of errors in coating production with optical monitoring

11. Marco Jupé | Laser Zentrum Hannover

          Novel aspects in thin film technology

12. Volodymyr Urevic Pervak | Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich

          Dispersive mirror: Past and Future

13. Boxun Wu |  Optorun Co., Ltd.

          Application of High-Accuracy Theoretical Calculations in Physical Vapor Deposition Technology for Coating Large-Area 3D Substrates

14. Chang Xiao | Bühler Leybold Optics Equipment

          Deposition Equipment for Laser Coatings on Small and Large Substrates

15. Matthias Falmbigl | Veeco Instruments

          Optical Monitoring Systems for Deposition of Optical Coatings


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